What’s New in the Moving Industry

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The moving industry is one that sees slow and incremental change. Movers operate very much in the same way that they did 40 years ago. Of course, there have been some changes over the decades. Customer service and professionalism have moved leaps and bounds; and there is much more of a customer focus. Safety has also become a bigger priority. Improved dollies, hand trucks and moving shoulder straps have allowed more people to work safely in the industry; it isn’t all about the big muscle men anymore. But the biggest change in the last ten years has probably been the advent of the GPS. The days of getting lost and relying on big, fold-out maps are long in the past and trucks can now be located on a map in real time. While we have seen changes to technology in the moving industry, transformation has come more from how people are living and moving these days.

Rising House Prices

The price of houses is growing at an astronomical rate, especially in urban areas, and has far outgrown the affordability of many young people. In order to buy homes, people are starting to be creative and think outside of the box. Some families are getting together and co-owning homes; basically, two families will split the cost of the home and both live in it at the same time. Sometimes, different families are living on different floors like apartments; other times they are just living as a giant blended family. This can make moving day very chaotic. Even if both families are using the same moving company, you will have two trucks coming from two places delivering two sets of possessions. It isn’t hard to see how the pandemonium can ensue. If you are experiencing a move like this, take extra time when planning the move and make sure you communicate with your co-owner and the moving companies. Let them know the scenario, and ask what they recommend to make the move more seamless. You’d be surprised as to how many tips a reputable moving company can provide you with in these types of unique situations!

More evidence of rising house prices is the number of people moving into condos – especially in urban centres. People are giving up a lawn and backyard for a good location and convenience. Condos are generally smaller than houses so there is less room; so you’d think that moving someone into a condo is an easier job as there is much less stuff. On the other hand, moving into a building can sometimes be more complicated as you have a longer trip, an elevator, hallways, and an uncontrolled environment with other people wandering the hallways. Be sure to reserve your elevator, and let your movers and building manager know your run of play, to ensure delays are avoided.  As you can see, rising house prices have not stopped people from moving; just how they move.

Non-Traditional Usage of Moving Companies

One of the more interesting trends is people using moving services without actually moving. Homeowners who are doing lengthy renovations will have the majority of their items moved out of the house and into storage while they stay at a hotel or a relative’s house. Once the renovation is finished, the moving company will return and move everything back. People have become more comfortable with these short moves – since renovations are sometimes a less costly way of upgrading your home without actually moving in today’s market. Some people also have moving companies relocate their items into storage if they are going overseas for a long trip or temporary relocation.

Storage Containers

Many people like to use storage containers when moving their homes. They feel comfortable with the extra layer of protection. Most moving companies will work with storage containers, but they can be redundant if you have a good moving truck. Keep in mind the amount of room that storage containers take up on your lawn/driveway, and note that items are not climate-controlled, if left for a longer term. These are important things to keep in mind when working with movers or a DIY move.

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