Q&A: Inclement Weather

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As part of our Q&A series, Five Star Movers provides the answers to some most frequently asked questions. If you have a moving-related question, please email us at contact@fivestarmovers.ca or call 647-348-0886.

Question: Do you charge extra for moving in rain or snow?

Answer: Some of you may have heard the storm last night across the GTA. We get many last-minute calls on days like this, when customers need extra assistance moving their items in inclement weather (rain, snow, extreme heat). The good news? We do not charge anything extra for moves that take place in rain, snow, slush or extreme heat – even if they are booked at the last minute! In an effort to provide you with the most professional and hassle-free service, we also provide complimentary moving blankets (to wrap and protect your wood/glass furniture and other fragile pieces), as well as floor runners which keep your floors clear of dirt and debris. Our crew has dollies, furniture straps and other tools which make moving a breeze on a bad weather day! Leave the heavy lifting to us (and stay dry!) and call us today for a FREE quote: 647-348-0886.