Q&A: House Plants

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As part of our Q&A series, Five Star Movers provides the answers to some most frequently asked questions. If you have a moving-related question, please email us at contact@fivestarmovers.ca or call 647-348-0886.

Question of the Week
Question: Do you offer services to move house plants? How can I be sure my plants are protected and safe during the move?

Answer: Great question! Five Star Movers is happy to move your house plants for you. We simply ask that the plant you are having us move be generally healthy and strong. Any smaller and delicate plants (especially those that flower – i.e. orchids) are best transported with the owner in their own vehicle, whenever possible.

We take all precautions we can including strapping the plants (i.e. a taller in-home tree) to the side of our truck to prevent it from swaying/falling during transport. When in doubt, ask our driver or movers on site and they will be happy to demonstrate how they can move your favourite greenery!