On The Cutting Edge of Moving Technology

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Just a couple of guys and a truck. For most people, this is all it takes for a successful move – and, for many years, this might have been actually the case. After all, despite the logistics involved, moving homes is basically moving your belongings from one location to another. Though the concept is simple, it is harder than it sounds. Like everything else in our lives, technology has improved the moving industry and added new dimensions, more convenience, and new ways of doing things. Some of these changes include:

Toronto moving servicesChoosing a Moving Company– You used to have to flip through phone books when looking to book a moving company. Back then, many moving companies would give themselves a name that started with the letter ‘A’ so they were the first that people would see when looking in the phone book. After finding a company, you would have to call them to find out about their services. Want references? You would have to ask around to make sure that they were a reputable company. It took time. With the internet, the whole process can be done in under an hour. Any moving company worth their salt has an online presence that can be uncovered through Google alone. Want to read company reviews? You can Google that, too! Many moving companies even have online quote information and estimates. What once took days can now be achieved during your lunch break.

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Maps and Resources – In the “old days” (pre-1994), movers had to rely on maps and word-of-mouth directions to find your locations. This could, sometimes, cause delays in workers starting or finishing your job if they couldn’t locate your old or new home. With the rise of Google Maps and Waze, movers can not only map out the best (and fastest) route, they can avoid traffic and delays in real-time with direction services. Certain apps also allow the movers to share their status, or customers can send a link mapping out exact directions for parking, etc. Street views also allow movers to view the actual makeup of the street, so that they can plan out where to park, and get a general idea of driveways, distances, etc. Technology has made the planning stages of moving that much easier.

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Online Reviews– The rise of cell phones, email, and social media means that we are all much more connected than ever before. It used to take days for information to spread; and, even then, you would only receive it if you were talking to the right people. Now, it just takes a few minutes for people to hear about something. Even if they aren’t actively looking, updates and news can be broadcasted quickly across social media accounts. What this means is that moving companies have to be much more careful about their customer satisfaction rate. A few bad reviews on a site like Yelp can be crippling for a business. Moving companies need to take the extra step to make sure that their customers are 100% satisfied. A reputation can be tarnished in an instant.

Of course, not all innovations in the moving industry are so high-tech. Simple innovations also include improved moving tools and materials such as hand carts and dollies; technology is not everything. At the end of the day, the best moving experience will be provided by a company that is serious about its work and customer satisfaction. That’s why you need Five Star Movers to do your heavy lifting on moving day. Offering moving and storage services in Toronto and Brampton, Five Star Movers always offers an excellent moving experience. It isn’t about technology; it’s about professional, efficient, and friendly service for all our customers. Contact us today for a free quote