Moving special items? There’s a tool for that!

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At Five Star Movers, we believe every single customer should be comfortable knowing that the moving company they choose has their best interests in mind (and the best interest of their belongings!).

You have taken the time to build your home from the ground up, with personal objects, furniture and many valuables that make up your living space. That’s why it’s important to hire movers who take care of all your belongings with the appropriate attention and care. Five Star Movers provides a full-service experience with professional workers, that includes keeping your items safe and protected through all legs of the move.

When you call for your free quote, we will ask if there is anything ‘unique’ or any items that are extra-large that will be moving homes with you. We do not charge extra for these items, but it’s important for us to know so that we can come preapred and your move is completed as smoothly as possible.

Our team provides complimentary use of the following tools and materials for every job:

Moving Blankets. Thick, durable blankets that we use to wrap pieces of furniture to prevent from scratches and damage. We usually use blankets for wood and glass pieces, as well as TVs, computers, and small stainless steel appliances (i.e. microwaves).

Floor Runners. We don’t want to leave your old house or your new house with a mess to clean up – so we provide free floor runners to use at each home, allowing us to walk throughout the home without making a mess (and saving you time!). Floor runners also help us prevent scratches on your flooring, which is an extra bonus.

Dollies. We come prepared with dollies to help us move multiple boxes at a time – saving you time and saving the hassle of moving individual boxes one-by-one. Our professionals stack multiple boxes on top of each other to move them quickly and easily outside to the moving trucks. Our truck ramps also help make working with dollies a breeze!

Wardrobe Boxes. Moving is a big task – and unpacking can be even tougher! Let us help with some of it by providing complimentary wardrobe boxes for your move. When we arrive at your home, we provide you with these tall boxes that include a built in clothing rack – and you fill them up with any hanging items from your closets. At the new home, they are the first boxes off the truck so you can unpack and transfer everything seamlessly (wink!) to the closets without touching an iron in the process!

Toolkits. Our staff come prepared with toolkits on board our trucks, so that we can help with any furniture disassembly/assembly you may require on moving day. We have experience with many pieces of furniture, and even workout equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, etc.

Other materials. We do have access to many other materials, including boxes, shrink wrap and bubble wrap. Please inquire as part of your free quote, and we will go over any extras before you book!

A professional moving company like Five Star Movers always has the best equipment to ensure your move is completed professionally and safely. Call us any time for your FREE quote, or to find out more!