How Much Did You Say? – Long-Distance Moving Costs and How to Keep them Low

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So, you’re ready to move across Ontario or to Quebec? You’ve started your planning and now you start to wonder – exactly how much is it going to cost to move long-distance in Canada? Well, that depends on a couple of factors. How far are you moving? Is it a few hours away, or an overnight trip? Do you have a bachelor apartment or a four-bedroom house? Are you a sole minimalist or a family with lots of treasures and years of accumulated possessions? With so many variables in place, it is hard to get an idea of what it will cost to move without an honest moving estimate for your particular situation. One thing is for sure: a long distance move is going to cost you more. Consider this when planning your move:

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Fuel – This is an obvious and unavoidable cost. The further you move the more gas you will use and the more you will pay. Seeking a more fuel-conserving vehicle might help, but only nominally.

Quantity of Items – Generally, the more you have to move, the more moving will cost. The time it takes to move 40 boxes is clearly double the time it takes to move 20. Keep that in mind, as time adds up to money!

Truck Rental – Some people opt to rent their own truck and do their own moving for long-long distance moves. That’s fine, but you still have to pay for the truck rental, gas, and special moving equipment. The difference in price between DIY and hiring professional movers will be negligible.

Food during Move Torontomotel long distance move mississaugaLodging & Food – Like fuel, paying for lodging and food is an unavoidable expense if you are moving across the country. Just driving to parts of Northern Ontario will take you upwards of 15 hours (if you don’t cut through the U.S.). You will need to stop for extended rests and, again, the further you are going, the more stops you will need.

X-Factors – No matter how well you plan a trip, there are always going to be unexpected costs. The truck might break down and need a repair; someone may get ill and need medicine and care; road and weather problems may increase the length of the trip which will increase your expenses. Always plan and budget for the unexpected.

Though some expenses are fixed, there is a way to cut costs for a long-distance move:

Help Out – Do whatever you possibly can to lighten the load for your professional movers. Unhook all electronics; get everything off the walls; break down shelves; bring things outside. By helping out, you will make everything move faster which will lower your final price.

Lessen your Load – If you can, try to downsize whenever possible, and only take items that you are sure you want to keep. If you want to sell a couch, for example, put all efforts towards selling it before you move, as opposed to trying to get rid of it at a later date. The time you save moving these items equals money saved, too! Think about it: if you aren’t using it in your old home, do you really want to move it across the country so you can continue not using it?

Keep on Schedule – Don’t be loose with your time schedule. Stick with it! Plan an arrival time and do everything you can to make that moving deadline. You are paying for every second that you are on the road.

Bring your Own Food – You need to eat; but you don’t need to eat at a restaurant for every meal. Manage your food and bring as much as you can in your own vehicle or on the truck with you. While on the road, visit grocery stores instead of restaurants. The cost of food can really add up if you aren’t careful.

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