Items You Should Plan To Move Yourself On Moving Day

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A lot of work gets added to your list of ‘to-do’s’ when you plan to move to a new home, and transfer possessions from one house to another. Of course, when you plan to move, packing boxes and contacting a professional moving company is just the start to protecting your personal belongings and ensuring nothing gets missed on moving day. If you are moving in Toronto, the best place to start is by hiring Five Star Movers: an insured moving company with professional moving services. Reputable movers will provide you with the best service by delivering items to the destination intact, and the work will be done speedily by a skilled, experienced, and efficient team.

Among the items which will be moved on moving day, there are usually some things that you should keep close and I. Your own possession at all times, whenever possible. These items include those with both emotional and monetary value, as well as personal documents and files. There can be some things which are quite close to your heart as they have some memories associated with it. There can be some other things in which you have invested a lot, and thus you have sentimental value attached to it. These are some of the pieces that should always be kept on your person, regardless of the moving company’s reputation.

We have listed few of these things which should be moved by the owner personally, instead of depending on professional movers. These include:

• Documents
• Jewelry
• Heirloom
• Electronics
• Collector items

documents during moveOn moving day, it is not likely that someone is going to steal or damage your documents deliberately, but there is always the chance of an accident. In addition to this, there are some documents which you may need before the movers reach your destination. These documents can include your passports, medical records, insurance policies, driver’s licenses, car registrations, etc. One must always be careful with such documents. Collect all your important papers and then put them in a suitcase which you will carry yourself, or in your car, or lock in a safe which you are taking with you. Consider using our packing checklists or a list app like Wunderlist to help manage your documents.

There are some items which are of high sentimental value in every home or office. It can be a piece of art or favorite souvenirs or other things which are important to you personally. If you can transport these things on your own, then do it, instead of depending on movers. Whether it’s an old pocket watch of your grandfather’s or the pin your late great grandmother wore on the day of her wedding. If they are damaged, you may receive some amount of money from an insurance company, but that can never fully replace these items and the memories associated with them. It is always advisable to move such pieces yourself.

Jewelry during moving day

Jewelry can be quite expensive, and a lot of pieces rather small. When it comes to wedding rings, fine jewelry, and pieces with important meaning or value, you should pack these separately and carry with you on moving day. Ensure your wedding bands are covered on your home insurance policy – or insure them separately – for best peace of mind.

collectables during move

Additional insurance might help, but will it really ease your mind if you lose a valuable collection or precious antique? Your best bet is to find enough space in your car for a box of foreign coins or a collection of stamps or figurines.



Some electronics can be sensitive and can be damaged if not properly wrapped or boxed on moving day. Such items include laptops, digital cameras, smartphones, or other expensive gadgets which you possess. Five Star Movers always provides complimentary moving blankets to pad and protect these pieces but, when in doubt, always pack and load these items into your own vehicle, if possible.

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