How To Decide If It’s Time To Move

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Moving almost always comes with mixed feelings. Packing up and moving to a new city or a new neighbourhood is a big decision. So how do you decide if it’s the right time to move or not? Everybody will have different processes to determine whether or not the time is right, but the discussion to move usually stems from needing something to change.

If you’ve been having conversations about one of the following things, chances are it might be time to take action and plan a move.

  • Job opportunity – Moving for a job with better pay, better hours, more advancement opportunities or better work life balance (shorter hours or shorter commute). *Tip: If you are moving for work, and the distance is great, check in to see if your employer (or new employer) has a relocation policy to cover any of your expenses!
  • Family – Moving closer to family members that may need help (elderly parents) or so family can help you. Growing your family is another reason that sparks many to consider whether it is the right time to move. Many people look to move to popular suburbs like Mississauga, Oakville or Brampton once they know a baby is on the way.
  • Education – Moving near schools that work better for your children or moving closer to education opportunities for your own interests.
  • Space – Moving to a location where you can afford a bigger space or downsizing to a smaller home. Many people move to get access to more green space such as a bigger yard or a larger property that can’t be found in urban areas.
  • Price – The real estate market is certainly driving people to look for homes in places they may not have considered as the prices in popular markets continue to rise.
  • Adventure – If you’ve always wanted to live somewhere and are constantly feeling the pull to be in that location, it may just be time to take action!
  • No reason to stay – Big life changes at work or with family can mean that you are no longer required to live where you’ve been living. If there is nothing keeping you in your current location and you don’t have any reason to stay, don’t!  You may find a life you much prefer in a new location.

Whatever the reasons for your move, the timing can always feel tricky. Do you wait until the end of a school year to make moving easier on the kids or maybe move to start the New Year in a new place? There will always be some hesitation to leave behind the life that goes with your current home. You will need to really ask yourself and those affected by the decision to move – can you really deny the reasons pushing you to move?

Once the decision to move is made, do some research so you avoid common moving pitfalls. Hiring a professional moving company like Five Star Movers will not only ease the stress of moving, but can even help you pack and store your items. If you are looking for movers in the Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville or Toronto area, contact Five Star Movers for a free quote.  With over 20 years of experience moving people, we know how to get the job done right!