Five Things To Do After Moving Day

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Moving is a big deal. It takes a lot of work to coordinate all the pieces – buying, selling or renting a new space, finding a moving company, packing and organizing moving day. And while most of the work ends once the boxes are sitting in your new living room, there are still a few key tasks that need to be completed after you move in.

Five Star Movers is a family owned moving company that services Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and all of Southwestern Ontario. Our moving services are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and we provide customers with reliable, professional and exceptional customer service. Based on our experience, taking the time to cross off these five essential tasks will make the adjustment to your new space easier and help you confidently embrace your new home.

  1. Complete a home inventory and make sure your belongings arrive safely.Make a list of all the items you are packing, as you pack them (or request the workers do it if they are packing for you). Include items that are going onto the moving truck, as well as personal items that you may be taking with you for safekeeping. When you arrive in your new home, go through the list and make sure that everything has arrived with you and nothing is missing.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your new space.Take the time to know where your water meter, water shut off valve, fuse box, hoses and light switches are. Know how to access or open any gates, sheds, garage doors, etc.Confirm your utility hookups and any appointments that you will need for internet or phone hookups.
  3. Change the locks.Even if the last owners or the landlord provided you with the keys, you can never be sure who else may have a key that can open your doors. Change not only the front door but any door that has direct access to your house or garage. Change any keypad access codes. If you have a shed, change the padlock used.
  4. Request a credit report.It is a good idea to request your credit report within six months of your move. When you are preparing to move, lots of personal financial information is exchanged and forwarded using mail and email. Requesting a report will allow you to be sure your personal information wasn’t compromised.
  5. Get familiar with your new community.Request the local paper, get yourself a local library card and reach out and meet your neighbours. You will also need to find out when your garbage and recycling pick up takes place (the city or town website should have the schedule) and figure out where you can get your mail.If you have school-aged children, register them for school. You will also need to find service professionals such as dentists and doctors as well as any other local service you and your family may need. Join a local online community group or check local resources for any newcomer groups or events.