5 Tips To Get Your Kids Ready For A Move

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Are your kids excited to move?  A move comes with lots of things to think about – moving expenses, packing, coordinating moving dates. It is a lot for adults to handle and can certainly feel like a stressful time.  But what about the kids?  While they aren’t the ones working to plan your next move or calling to find the right Mississauga moving company, it is important to remember that moving will be stressful for them, too. Including your children in the moving process will help them feel involved, prepared and excited about the change.

If this is your child’s first move, keep in mind that they are leaving the only home they’ve ever known.  Kids may need you to explain what moving means and you will need to field many questions – do they take their stuff with them, is there room for the dog, will their stuff be there when they get there?  Kid’s minds are very literal so be ready and open to answer the questions they may have about moving. (more…)

‘Moving Out’ for Renovations

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With the cost of homes in Toronto and surrounding areas on the rise, many people are looking at other options when it comes to moving.  Perhaps they are downsizing – or moving into a multi-unit home to gain some extra income in the form of rent.  In many cases, even these options can be difficult on the wallet, which is why many people decide to renovate their existing home, instead.  Taking your space and making it more modern and ‘liveable’ can sometimes be a better value, which is why many Torontonians are hopping on board.

How can Five Star Movers help during a renovation?  We offer services for what we call internal moves – and not just for our residential customers, either!  Businesses and offices can also benefit when moving to different floors within the same office building.

Internal moves allow us to move your items out of the ‘renovation zone’ and into a garage, basement, attic, or temporary storage space on your property (a pod or covered area).  Our workers will come prepared with dollies, blankets (so your furniture doesn’t get scratched on the way down a staircase), toolkits, and we can also help with furniture disassembly or re-assembly.  Some people need us to move their items back within a week (perhaps if they are using their space for a special event – like a wedding!) and others who are undergoing large renovations may take a few months until they can ‘move’ back in.

What if you don’t have room to store your belongings on your property?  Five Star Movers offers assistance with storage!  We provide assistance in negotiating long-term rates (we get preferred rates with many providers) and offer great promotions in our own facilities for short-term storage, as well.

Whether you are clearing out your home or business for a week, a month, or a year, Five Star Movers can assist with keeping your belongings safe and free from damage.  Five Star Movers is a reliable and professional moving company in the GTA and Peel regions.  We provide moving services in Ontario, and parts of Quebec.  Proudly Canadian owned and operated, we have offices in Toronto and Mississauga.  Get your FREE quote today and learn how we can do all your heavy lifting with our Five Star services!

Moving? Alpaca Your Things!

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Did you know that Five Star Movers offers packing & unpacking services, as Printwell as residential and commercial moving services? We offer clients the best moving services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Pickering and across Ontario!  Each move is unique – and so are our services!  We can adapt to any size move in any environment.  The best part? Many of our services are included in our rates – so no need to ‘add on’ fees for basic things like furniture disassembly/re-assembly, packing/unpacking, and others.

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How to Avoid the Most Common Moving Mistakes

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Moving is a big life event that everyone hopes will go smoothly. Whether you are moving for the first time or this marks your third or fourth move, there is always room for improvement in order to make sure that you have a stress free moving experience.

Five Star Movers has successfully executed hundreds of moves across Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas. Based on our experience, there are four common moving mistakes that often occur but that can be easily avoided. (more…)