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Check Off Your To-Do List on Moving Day

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toronto mover checklist

Whether you are moving to a new city or a new neighbourhood, packing household belongings can get tricky. How do you ensure all your items are moved without any damage? Even if you have hired the services of a local moving company, it is always good to have a packing checklist ready and a rundown of all the items that need to be packed. Your packing checklist should also contain information like notifying utility companies of your change of address, updating your information with your local bank, and contacting the post office for a change of address. If you are systematic and careful, packing and moving your belongings will not be such a bad experience, at all.movers toronto moving company mississauga

Packing and moving – especially if your are in DIY mode – may not get done all in one day. Plan ahead and start to prepare a few weeks before moving day. Contact a professional moving company as soon as you know your moving dates, to get your preferred date and avoid disappointment. A reputable local moving company will also provide you with tips and checklists, which you can use to make your relocation smooth and hassle free. Here is what your packing checklist should contain:

• At least 2-3 weeks before moving day, contact the utility companies including electricity providers, gas companies, and cable network providers to ensure your basic services are ready to go on moving day. Inform them about your relocation and clear all your dues from any past accounts. If you’re not continuing services with specific companies in your current home, make the necessary arrangements to have services terminated on the day you move.

• Visit your bank and inform your local post office about the changes to your contact details.

• At home – one of the most important things that homeowners forget is to check the pantry. Start cleaning the pantry well before moving day. Try not to grocery shop in the weeks leading up to your move, and eat any perishables and make proper use of items that may be difficult to carry. You can even donate canned items, packaged food products, and cereals that you won’t be able to take conveniently to the new address.

• If you are packing yourself, create a legend for your boxes, and an itemized list of what’s been packed, so that you can account for everything in the new home. Include a checklist of the number of chairs you have and how many boxes will be transferred. At the new home, take a tally to ensure that everything has been received properly by the moving company.movers toronto

• Pack an ‘overnight’ bag or an essentials bag, and include items you’ll need during the first 24hr in your new home. Things like toilet paper, toothbrushes, cleaners, and more will be important on your first night, and will take a bit of the stress out of your first night in your new home.

• Before leaving your old home, check each room carefully to ensure nothing is left behind. Check inside the cupboards and in the bathroom to make sure that you have packed everything. In addition, ensure you and a representative from the moving company do a proper check in the truck once it has unloaded in your new home, to ensure nothing is left behind by accident.

When choosing a moving company…

• Before choosing a local mover, compare the rates and services of at least two or three companies. Comparing services and negotiating rates will get you the best deals in the city. You might even receive a discount on service, which will help you save on your overall moving budget.

Have a detailed conversation with the local moving company you are choosing. Provide them with a clear picture of the services you are looking for and ask them whether they are equipped to provide the specific services you require.

• Check whether the moving and packing company you select has a team of experts who are skilled to pack a variety of household items, and make note of any specialty or unique items you want extra attention paid to.

• Before the movers arrive, make sure you are not moving unwanted items. Take some time to throw away unwanted items and sell the furniture and appliances you don’t need any more. This will help you save on packing, earn a bit of extra money, and keep waste and useless items out of your new house.

Keep this packing checklists handy if you want your relocation to be smooth, hassle free, and simple. A proper checklist will also reduce damages and make sure that you and your belongings reach your new home safely. It will also ensure that you are not carrying unnecessary belongings along to your new nest.

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Reward Yourself on Moving Day

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After a long day of moving boxes, you may not be overly excited about unpacking. This is normal! Most people are usually exhausted on moving day – both mentally and physically!

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If you are hiring professional movers, why not ask them to do the unpacking for you? If you colour code your boxes in advance, it can be even easier for professionals to unpack for you – and you can focus on getting the kids set up in the 

new home, or relaxing and ordering your first dinner in. If that’s not an option – don’t try and unpack everything in one night. You won’t be a hero if you burn out, so aim for one room a time, and it will go a lot smoother.

Many people, once they are moved in and fully unpacked, get right back to the rest of their busy lives. Pay attention to you and your family, though. You have just accomplished a major life change, and now is the time to celebrate! Here are some ideas to help reward yourself after a successful move – regardless of whether or not you hire local movers to help you on moving day(more…)

Items You Should Plan To Move Yourself On Moving Day

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A lot of work gets added to your list of ‘to-do’s’ when you plan to move to a new home, and transfer possessions from one house to another. Of course, when you plan to move, packing boxes and contacting a professional moving company is just the start to protecting your personal belongings and ensuring nothing gets missed on moving day. If you are moving in Toronto, the best place to start is by hiring Five Star Movers: an insured moving company with professional moving services. Reputable movers will provide you with the best service by delivering items to the destination intact, and the work will be done speedily by a skilled, experienced, and efficient team. (more…)

On The Cutting Edge of Moving Technology

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Just a couple of guys and a truck. For most people, this is all it takes for a successful move – and, for many years, this might have been actually the case. After all, despite the logistics involved, moving homes is basically moving your belongings from one location to another. Though the concept is simple, it is harder than it sounds. Like everything else in our lives, technology has improved the moving industry and added new dimensions, more convenience, and new ways of doing things. Some of these changes include: (more…)

How Much Did You Say? – Long-Distance Moving Costs and How to Keep them Low

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So, you’re ready to move across Ontario or to Quebec? You’ve started your planning and now you start to wonder – exactly how much is it going to cost to move long-distance in Canada? Well, that depends on a couple of factors. How far are you moving? Is it a few hours away, or an overnight trip? Do you have a bachelor apartment or a four-bedroom house? Are you a sole minimalist or a family with lots of treasures and years of accumulated possessions? With so many variables in place, it is hard to get an idea of what it will cost to move without an honest moving estimate for your particular situation. One thing is for sure: a long distance move is going to cost you more. Consider this when planning your move: (more…)