Five Star Moves #1

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At Five Star Movers, we do our utmost to provide you with the best moving service in Toronto. Moving can be a stressful ordeal, and many of our clients are busy professionals who depend on a reliable service that is also affordable. We had a client call us this past month who required packing and storage services for their 1 bedroom apartment.  The client wanted long-term storage near their current residence, as the client was moving abroad for a new job opportunity.  They needed the help of a professional and reliable mover.


Our team estimated that a crew of three men was needed to complete the move within the budget and time allowed. A 26ft truck was provided to complete the move in one trip.  We prefer to send our large trucks, regardless of the size of the job, at no extra cost. Time is money, and completing a 1 or 2 bedroom move in two or three trips using a small truck is expensive and a waste of time. Since the customer also required packing services, we provided the client with all the material required for long-term storage including boxes, shrink wrap, krabble roll and styrofoam peanuts. A storage facility was found near the client’s location and, as requested, the client had 24/7 access to the storage locker. The move was completed within budget and on time.  Another FIVE STAR MOVE!