Why Hiring Local Helps on Moving Day

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To some, moving is an exciting event and for others, it might be a more stressful time – especially if you are moving with kids. But the best part of it is, you do not have to do it alone. Hire a local moving company and you won’t have to worry about doing all the packing and unpacking yourself. Professional movers know how to pack household goods and shift them efficiently from one place to another. Moreover, they will also be able to provideMovers in Toronto the best of care for the fragile items that you need to move from your old home to the new one. If you are moving – especially within a certain region like within Toronto, or Mississauga to Oakville, for example – then consider hiring Toronto Moving Services. They know the areas the best and will help you easily maneuver through traffic and take short-cuts to reach your destination in a short period of time. They also understand the local traffic rules and laws regarding moving, parking and maneuvering in various situations. There are many other benefits of choosing local movers near you- keep reading for a list of benefits when choosing a local mover to help on moving day: Read more »

Fragile – This End Up

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Sometimes, it feels like the possessions that we value most are the most fragile. Antique plates, fine china, old photographs, artwork, family heirlooms; these types of items are usually so important to us, but also exasperatingly breakable and will, undoubtedly, cause you more than a few grey hairs when moving. Your fragile items can be protected during the move, but you need to pack smart and have the right material on-hand for packing.

The first thing to do is to set aside one particular day when you will take care of all the fragile and precious items. Consider doing it a few weeks before the move; doing it on moving day will mean that you may rush through it and potentially break things. Take your time – slow and steady. Next, gather all of your packing materials. You will need the standards: reinforced boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, newspapers (for padding), packing peanuts, and markers to write clearly on boxes. Other unconventional packing items could include old clothes, blankets, quilts, and pillows. Anything soft that can offer a cushion will work fine. Remember: people aren’t mind readers and your movers won’t know things are fragile unless you make it clear. Communication is very important. Write “FRAGILE-BREAKABLES” in big, bold letters with black permanent marker on all sides of the box. For extra protection, consider a colour-scheme that shows items market with a bright red sticker, for example, are fragile. Also, verbally inform your movers as to which boxes contain fragile items. The more people know, the more careful they will be. Read more »

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Is Your Office Moving? Here’s the best checklist to use for your office move!

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No one ever said that moving from one house to another was easy, but moving toronto mover checklistyour office can be a whole different ball game. The logistics of the move are a lot more complicated – employees, departments, furniture, IT, security and communications, to name a few. At the end of it all, even the most organized move may not be entirely simple – and definitely not relaxing! Here is our cheat sheet to help you with a stress-free and easy office move!

  1. Plan in advance

According to professional commercial moving companies, you should start to plan your move at least three months in advance – and even farther ahead, whenever possible. You will need plenty of time to deal with logistics, find a new place to lease or buy, clear up your current office space, and make the move as seamless and smooth as possible. Read more »

The Pros and Cons of DIY vs. Professional Packing

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Moving homes involves a lot of care, and can be emotional and exhausting – especially when leaving a home that you have been in for a long period of time, and have great memories in. Sure, you might be able to adjust to a new neighborhood and bedroom, but overcoming the art of moving and the process of packing and unpacking your entire home on moving day is not an easy feat.

You may choose to DIY your move, or you may decide to hire a professional moving company to help. When it comes to moving, and packing and unpacking, there are many reasons to consider both options: DIY and pro. Both options can be implemented depending upon which suits you better on moving day. Let us take a brief look at the pros and cons of hiring professional movers versus packing yourself, to help you consider all the factors need to make the best choice for your move. Read more »

Moving with Pets – What to do?

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There is no doubt that moving homes is stressful for the entire family. The planning, packing, cost, and logistics can be such a nightmare for the adults that the mere thought of moving can make you sigh in annoyance. As for the children, the thought of a new school and losing old friends can be a little distressing. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful resources to help any family cope with the stress of moving. But, what about our four-legged (or no-legged) family members? For most, pets are a member of the family and we don’t really consider them during the moving plans. However, we should; moving can be very stressful to pets and, unlike humans, we can’t really explain to them what is happening. Consider these points when moving with pets: Read more »