Items You Should Plan To Move Yourself On Moving Day

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A lot of work gets added to your list of ‘to-do’s’ when you plan to move to a new home, and transfer possessions from one house to another. Of course, when you plan to move, packing boxes and contacting a professional moving company is just the start to protecting your personal belongings and ensuring nothing gets missed on moving day. If you are moving in Toronto, the best place to start is by hiring Five Star Movers: an insured moving company with professional moving services. Reputable movers will provide you with the best service by delivering items to the destination intact, and the work will be done speedily by a skilled, experienced, and efficient team. Read more »

On The Cutting Edge of Moving Technology

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Just a couple of guys and a truck. For most people, this is all it takes for a successful move – and, for many years, this might have been actually the case. After all, despite the logistics involved, moving homes is basically moving your belongings from one location to another. Though the concept is simple, it is harder than it sounds. Like everything else in our lives, technology has improved the moving industry and added new dimensions, more convenience, and new ways of doing things. Some of these changes include: Read more »

How Much Did You Say? – Long-Distance Moving Costs and How to Keep them Low

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So, you’re ready to move across Ontario or to Quebec? You’ve started your planning and now you start to wonder – exactly how much is it going to cost to move long-distance in Canada? Well, that depends on a couple of factors. How far are you moving? Is it a few hours away, or an overnight trip? Do you have a bachelor apartment or a four-bedroom house? Are you a sole minimalist or a family with lots of treasures and years of accumulated possessions? With so many variables in place, it is hard to get an idea of what it will cost to move without an honest moving estimate for your particular situation. One thing is for sure: a long distance move is going to cost you more. Consider this when planning your move: Read more »

Why Hiring Local Helps on Moving Day

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To some, moving is an exciting event and for others, it might be a more stressful time – especially if you are moving with kids. But the best part of it is, you do not have to do it alone. Hire a local moving company and you won’t have to worry about doing all the packing and unpacking yourself. Professional movers know how to pack household goods and shift them efficiently from one place to another. Moreover, they will also be able to provideMovers in Toronto the best of care for the fragile items that you need to move from your old home to the new one. If you are moving – especially within a certain region like within Toronto, or Mississauga to Oakville, for example – then consider hiring Toronto Moving Services. They know the areas the best and will help you easily maneuver through traffic and take short-cuts to reach your destination in a short period of time. They also understand the local traffic rules and laws regarding moving, parking and maneuvering in various situations. There are many other benefits of choosing local movers near you- keep reading for a list of benefits when choosing a local mover to help on moving day: Read more »

Fragile – This End Up

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Sometimes, it feels like the possessions that we value most are the most fragile. Antique plates, fine china, old photographs, artwork, family heirlooms; these types of items are usually so important to us, but also exasperatingly breakable and will, undoubtedly, cause you more than a few grey hairs when moving. Your fragile items can be protected during the move, but you need to pack smart and have the right material on-hand for packing.

The first thing to do is to set aside one particular day when you will take care of all the fragile and precious items. Consider doing it a few weeks before the move; doing it on moving day will mean that you may rush through it and potentially break things. Take your time – slow and steady. Next, gather all of your packing materials. You will need the standards: reinforced boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, newspapers (for padding), packing peanuts, and markers to write clearly on boxes. Other unconventional packing items could include old clothes, blankets, quilts, and pillows. Anything soft that can offer a cushion will work fine. Remember: people aren’t mind readers and your movers won’t know things are fragile unless you make it clear. Communication is very important. Write “FRAGILE-BREAKABLES” in big, bold letters with black permanent marker on all sides of the box. For extra protection, consider a colour-scheme that shows items market with a bright red sticker, for example, are fragile. Also, verbally inform your movers as to which boxes contain fragile items. The more people know, the more careful they will be. Read more »