How to Avoid the Most Common Moving Mistakes

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Moving is a big life event that everyone hopes will go smoothly. Whether you are moving for the first time or this marks your third or fourth move, there is always room for improvement in order to make sure that you have a stress free moving experience.

Five Star Movers has successfully executed hundreds of moves across Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas. Based on our experience, there are four common moving mistakes that often occur but that can be easily avoided.

Leaving Your Moving Plans to the Last Minute

Moving is stressful enough without scrambling to find someone to move your stuff!  Good moving companies book up weeks in advance, especially during the summer months. As soon as you know the date you have to vacate your old space, you should secure movers in order to avoid being stuck without the help and support you will need.

Cutting Corners to Save Money

Moving will cost money and it can be tempting to try and minimize the cost. While there are some smart ways to keep your costs down, like by setting a moving budget, choosing a moving company with a poor reputation just because they are the cheapest is not a good decision. Do your research and find a moving company that is bonded, insured and is in good standing.

Borrowing a truck or relying on other people to give you moving supplies may also seem like the cheaper option, but this may leave you scrambling if their plans change and they are no longer able to assist.

Moving on your own may sound appealing because it may end up being cheaper but, when you factor in the extra time and risks associated (damaging your items or injuring yourself) it will likely not be the cheaper or faster in the long run.

Packing Poorly

If you don’t go through your belongings before you start to pack, you will end up packing items that you could have left behind or dealt with differently – making more work for yourself and your movers! Using a haphazard packing system is also not advised.  Take the time to get proper packing supplies to avoid damage and use labels or an inventory system when packing boxes so that you know where things are going when you get to your new space.

Focusing on just the Packing

Moving can feel overwhelming. It is easy to lose sight of all the elements that comprise making a move unless you make a master “to do” list or master moving plan. While packing your boxes is important, many other things need to get done in order to execute a successful move.  You will need to plan for things like having a yard sale, arranging to donate items to charity, notifying the necessary parties of your new address, using up all the food in your cupboards, etc.  Your master moving plan should not only include plans in the weeks and months moving up to the move but also what needs to get done after moving day is complete.

If you are looking for a Toronto or Mississauga moving service that can offer you trained, professional, and friendly staff, contact Five Star Movers for a free estimate. We are ready to be a part of your successful moving plan and will manage any situation whether it’s tricky locations, multiple pick-ups/drop-offs, or tight deadlines!