5 Tips To Get Your Kids Ready For A Move

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Are your kids excited to move?  A move comes with lots of things to think about – moving expenses, packing, coordinating moving dates. It is a lot for adults to handle and can certainly feel like a stressful time.  But what about the kids?  While they aren’t the ones working to plan your next move or calling to find the right Mississauga moving company, it is important to remember that moving will be stressful for them, too. Including your children in the moving process will help them feel involved, prepared and excited about the change.

If this is your child’s first move, keep in mind that they are leaving the only home they’ve ever known.  Kids may need you to explain what moving means and you will need to field many questions – do they take their stuff with them, is there room for the dog, will their stuff be there when they get there?  Kid’s minds are very literal so be ready and open to answer the questions they may have about moving.

Getting the kids ready to move

  1. Let your child have a say about their new room. If the room will need to be painted, let them have a say in the colour choice. A simple new addition like a poster or a framed picture can get them excited about their new space.  Talk about how they would like their furniture set up. You can draw out the new space and have them glue on pictures of their bed, dresser, bookshelf, etc.
  2. Keep the move a daily topic so that there is lots of time for questions. This is a great tool to also measure any stress or anxiety. Allowing a continual dialogue about the move will enable you to work through any issues your children might be having.
  3. Make a treasure box. Give each child their own box to decorate and pack. Get out the markers and stickers!  Once they have decorated the box, they can pack their favourite and special things.  This box can go in the car with you to help them feel safe as you drive to your new house.
  4. Involve them in saying goodbye. Maybe they want to visit their favourite restaurant one more time or say goodbye to their babysitter.  Don’t minimize their desire to do these things – honour what they need to feel comfortable moving on. Choose a few things to do together to say goodbye to your old house, neighborhood or city.
  5. Plan out your first night. Sleeping in a new room may make your child feel anxious. Unpack their special box of belongings as soon possible. Spend some time with your child in their new room so that they know where the light switch and outlets are as well as where the closest bathroom is and how to turn on those lights.

Five Star Movers is a family moving company and loves to meet the children of the families they are moving.  Be sure to introduce your kids to the movers on the day of the move, this can help the kids feel more comfortable with the events of the day. If you are looking for movers in Brampton or the Mississauga area, contact Five Star Movers for a free quote. For over twenty years, we have provided customers with reliable and professional moving services while offering exceptional customer service – we’d love to help you, too!