Moving with Pets – What to do?

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There is no doubt that moving homes is stressful for the entire family. The planning, packing, cost, and logistics can be such a nightmare for the adults that the mere thought of moving can make you sigh in annoyance. As for the children, the thought of a new school and losing old friends can be a little distressing. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful resources to help any family cope with the stress of moving. But, what about our four-legged (or no-legged) family members? For most, pets are a member of the family and we don’t really consider them during the moving plans. However, we should; moving can be very stressful to pets and, unlike humans, we can’t really explain to them what is happening. Consider these points when moving with pets: Read more »

Benefits of Moving in the Spring

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If you are considering moving your house and have the option to choose a great time to move, opt for the spring. Springtime is considered the best season to move, when the temperature and weather conditions are just right for doing all your packing and unpacking. Spring is the season when the winter is on its way out and things are starting to turn green and bloom. Even with the occasional rain, there is no major disadvantage to moving in the spring. To top it off, this is the time of year to clean up, brighten up and start a new season fresh! Moving to a new home and starting all over again could be a welcome change in your life. If you are looking for reasons to move, and do your packing and unpacking in the spring, here are some of our top reasons to do so: Read more »

Storage Solutions for Moving Day

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Moving your home can be a daunting task, especially if you have been living in one house for a long period of time. Chances are you have accumulated a lot of belongings in one place and – now – packing everything and shifting items from this house to another seems to be a mammoth task. On top of that, you may decide to DIY your move or hire professionals to move your belongings. But what if you’re moving into a storage space for a temporary amount of time? Is it advisable to pack and store yourself? What are the pros and cons? Here are a few pros to hiring professionals on moving day, especially if you’re moving into storage: Read more »

9 Easily Overlooked Essentials You’ll Need on Moving Day

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Are you moving to a new home soon? You must have already started packing for the big move! Moving to a new house gives you a mixed bag of feelings and emotions. On one hand, you will feel nostalgic about the old place – on the other, it will be exciting to make memories in a new home and meet new neighbors. With just a few days left before moving day, there is generally a lot of chaos, amidst which you might forget some of the small essentials – making your move somewhat chaotic and stressful. Even if you are calling a reputable and professional local moving company for the move, there are certain important things that you should do in advance. Below is a helpful checklist of the essential things you can do to make moving day easy: Read more »

moving day with children

How to Make Moving Day Fun for Kids!

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Moving into a new home can be a stressful event in everyone’s life – especially if you have kids (or are one!) Keep in mind that, to children, moving is a huge undertaking and can mean the end (or start) of their world as they know it. Children make friends in their neighbourhoods and have memories there – sometimes all of the important memories they have made are all in the same house, especially if they have never moved before. For kids, moving can become an emotional time; according to psychologists, as kids do not have any input in the decision to move house, they usually think negatively about the changes that are going to happen. One great way to try and curb this attitude is for the parents to involve their kids as much as possible during the move. Try and involve kids as much as possible with tasks like packing and unpacking and researching the local moving company. Keep them engaged to keep them both interested and invested in their new home. Read more »